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Pax 3.5 Deluxe | Pax

Pax 3.5 Deluxe | Pax

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The PAX 3 is the ideal conduction vape pen for those seeking a chic, savvy, and super-compact everyday carry style. This clever device yields fabulous vapour quality for both herbs and concentrates, thanks to its generous conduction oven, which warms herbs gently and economically, plus its four temperature presets and ultra-precise in-app settings for that perfect flavour and cloud.

PAX speaks to you with LED illuminations revealing warmth status, battery life, and temp adjustments. Save your settings and relive the same experience time and time again; or join PAX 3 with its mobile app and dial in the precise temp via bluetooth. Plus, choose from 5 modesTM - Standard, Stealth, Boost, Flavour, Efficiency - to savour the best of your herb.

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