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Pax Era Pro Device | Pax

Pax Era Pro Device | Pax

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The PAX Era Pro takes everything we love about the pocket-sized PAX Era and supercharges it with some awesome new trappings. The Pro's state-of-the-art ExpertTemp technology, pod memory, haptic feedback, and UL-certified battery make it a seriously irresistible vape. Not only does haptic feedback allow the Era Pro to remember your favourite temps and doses, but it also delivers 4 preset vape temps ranging from low to lava-level. Plus, side slits add advanced airflow capacity for smooth, flavourful vapour. Oh! And it's compatible with PAX pre-filled cannabis oil pods, measuring just 3.07 x 0.63 x 0.39 inches in size. Fully charge it in just 45 minutes and get up to 245 hits before needing to recharge. 

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