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Puffco Peak Pro | Puffco

Puffco Peak Pro | Puffco

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The Peak Pro is a revolution in concentrate consumption technology! For the newbie, it's the smoothest way to try concentrates. To the expert, it provides the ultimate level of customization and control, so you can get the perfect puff every time.
The Peak Pro chamber is the powerhouse of this device - a unique sensor embedded inside of the chamber talks to your Peak Pro, ensuring your temperature stays true no matter how hard you inhale or how much concentrate you cram in. Puffco's Oculus Carb Cap makes dabbing mesmerizing, with a press-fit connection that locks in your oil (and your cap). They've also increased performance with a directional air-path that maximizes vaper production. Plus, the chamber's 40% larger, so you can take banger dabs with a breeze.
The App uncovers a realm of possibilities for your Peak Pro, supplying an unprecedented level of control. The Peak Pro app also enables you to tailor the LED lights on your device with 4 exclusive light combos: Pulse, Wave, Disco, and Stealth.

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