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Diffused Downstem | 19mm-3.5" | Pulsar

Diffused Downstem | 19mm-3.5" | Pulsar

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Boastin' a measly 3.5" from bottom of the joint to the diffused bottom, a not-so-petite 4.5" from top of the joint to the diffused bottom, and a fully-grown 6.15" complete length, the Pulsar 3.5" diffused downstem just might have your back (and your water pipe!). This top-notch glass works with both Pulsar's 9mm straight tube (PU WP131) and beaker (PU WP132) water pipes and is crafted from their world-class glass - so you know it can handle the heat!


  • Length: 3.5" Long
  • 19mm Male glass diffused downstem
  • Pulsar 9mm water pipes
  • Sturdy borosilicate glass construction    
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