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Solid Ball Recycler Rig w/Banger | 8.5" | Pulsar

Solid Ball Recycler Rig w/Banger | 8.5" | Pulsar

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These Pulsar 8.5" solid ball recyclers come with the goodies needed for a real dab-sesh. Fixed downstem discretion, recycler tubes, cyclone drain and reclaim catcher - plus a 14mm male quartz banger, and a few colorful accents. Get the whole kit and caboodle with a carb cap and dabber tool, and you'll be good to go!

Want to choose your colour? Please leave us a note when you checkout in the ORDER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box with your preferred colour choice. If we can accommodate your desires, we will make it happen! Please note that not all colours are always in stock. Leaving us a note will not guarantee your selection.

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