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3pk 510 Wax Cartridge Coil Replacement | Toqi

3pk 510 Wax Cartridge Coil Replacement | Toqi

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Yank your wax with a pack of 3 replacement Quartz Tanks for the TOQi 510 Wax Cartridge! Extend the lifespan and get more dabs for your bucks with this cost-effective wax concentrate-consuming solution — perfect for live resin, live rosin, shatter, budder and beyond!


  • Quartz coil heating
  • Replacement part for 510 Wax Cartridge
  • Compatible with most 510 batteries
  • Compatible with all wax concentrates
  • Dab with no lag with almost instantaneous, fast-heating
  • Solid construction to match the 510 Wax Cartridge
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