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510 Wireless Charging Cartridge Vaporizer | Toqi

510 Wireless Charging Cartridge Vaporizer | Toqi

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Say goodbye to low battery anxiety with the TOQI 510—the first 510 thread compatible vaporizer battery with wireless chargin', built-in USB-C and superspeed refills! Refuel with wireless charging, even off of your mate's Samsung Power Share, or co-opt their USB-C cable. Whoopee!

The TOQi 510 vaporizer is the bee's knees of 510 thread-compatible batteries, 'cause it's got Qi wireless charging that's quicker than you can say "ready-set-go!" Plus, its built-in USB-C port ensures you never have to search for a custom charging plug. Boasting twice the battery size and double the fast adaptive charging power of its challengers, this trusty little buddy is always ready when you need it!

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