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Dab Bundle - 510 Vaporizer w/Wax Cartridge | Toqi

Dab Bundle - 510 Vaporizer w/Wax Cartridge | Toqi

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Say hello to the almighty 510 thread vaporizer battery; charged up with wireless goodness, USB-C power and zippy fast charging. No need to ever say "whoa, low battery" again! Refill your cloud-filler with wireless charging, even if all you have is a Samsung Power Share-enabled phone. Or, if you can't find yours, borrow a mate's USB-C cord.

The TOQi 510 wax cartridge brings the heat with its Quartz coil heating element. Optimized for peak performance with the TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer, but also compatible with most 510 batteries. Get the most out of your wax concentrate with flavour-packed hits at low temps and bigger bangs at higher levels - perfect for Live Resin/Rosin, Hash Rosin, THCa Diamonds, Shatter, budder, badder, and more!

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