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Armor Plus Dual & Triple Quartz Vaporizer | Yocan

Armor Plus Dual & Triple Quartz Vaporizer | Yocan

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The Yocan Armor Plus vaporizer is an enhanced version of the classic Yocan Armor. It still has the same tough, angular exterior you know and love. But this bad boy's got brawn too - the increased battery capacity of 650mAh gives you longer seshes and larger vapour clouds when you’re on the go. Plus, the variable voltage setting is juiced up and now boasts a higher rating than before. The Yocan Armor Plus is also armed with two coil options - the quartz dual coil and quartz tri coil, making it as versatile as a Yocan Regen. So don't be fooled by its rugged looks - this cutting-edge vape pen packs a punch and is no slouch when it comes to performance!


A few clicks and you're ready to whoop it up with the Yocan Armor Plus Vaporizer! Its one-touch temperature settings are like riding a bike: If you've used a Yocan device before, you'll be a pro in no time. And best of all, you can use the Yocan Armor Plus Vaporizer right out of the box. Don't miss out on your chance to get the hottest vaporizer out there!


  • Compatible with Concentrates
  • Improved 650mAh Battery Capacity
  • Quartz Dual Coil
  • Quartz Tri Coil
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Micro USB Charging Technology
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