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Falcon 6-in-1 Vaporizer - Yocan

Falcon 6-in-1 Vaporizer - Yocan

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The Yocan Falcon Vaporizer is designed to cover all aspects of vaping, even adding water filtration and moisture conditioning to your sessions. Packing a powerful 1000mAh battery, this device offers a slew of heating elements, like Yocan's latest quartz tri coil for wax concentrates and pancake coil for dry herbs. Plus the XTAL Coils give you the ability to use the Yocan Falcon like a nectar collector, allowing for larger dabs and more satisfying hits. This vaporizer also comes complete with its own dish and metal jar for concentrate storage. It's equipped with a magnetic connection for easy use; perfect for beginners and experienced users alike. The Yocan Falcon gives you all the essential tools for a vapin' good time!


  • Compatible with Dry Herb & Concentrates
  • 1000mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB-C Charging Technology
  • Pre-Heat Setting
  • Magnetic Metal Jar
  • For Wax and for Dry Herb
  • 6-in-1 Vaporizer
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