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Accessory Case Raw Cone Duffle Bag

Accessory Case Raw Cone Duffle Bag

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The RAW Cone Duffel Bag is designed to let everyone know that you smoke the absolute best! It has several storage compartments including an outer 5 layer foil lined smell resistant silicon zipper pouch for carrying your material. The foil not only helps block smells but makes it easier to pick up loose material. The 17” main compartment is spacious and has a zipper pocket in the lining for easy-to-lose items. The duffel bag also has a reinforced carrying handle and detachable shoulder strap, so it’s easy to carry even when it’s fully loaded. The RAW Cone Duffel Bag is HIGH quality, and most importantly – it’s FUN! This NEW AND IMPROVED Version 2 now comes with a removable foil bag! Vessel Core Features: RAW Cone Duffel Bag: 22” x 9” x 9” Lots Of Storage Compartments Smell Proof Compartments Shoulder Strap What's in the Box: 1x - RAW Cone Duffel Bag

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