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Hash Rig Nugz Happle Glass Pipe Rig

Hash Rig Nugz Happle Glass Pipe Rig

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A Häpple a day keeps the Dr. away. Introducing the Nugz - Häpple! In partnership with Errlectric Dave, Nugz is proud to be re-releasing these phenomenal pipes. A perfect pairing with your favourite herb. The Häpple is a classy take on an ancient accessory. You''ll feel like you''re pontificating away in a study, sitting in a leather lounger, fire crackling at your feet. All the while your Nugz Häpple is churning away, just building up the densest cloud possible. When you''re ready, just tilt the stem and inhale. Elegance, sophistication, and just a damn good time! The Nugz Häpple delivers! Features: Handmade Glass Construction Apple Shaped Hash Pipe

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