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Personal Air Filter Yocan Green Pinecone

Personal Air Filter Yocan Green Pinecone

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The Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter is the latest drop from Yocan, specifically from its newest sub-brand, Yocan Green. It is designed as an accompanying tool to help smokers and vapers alike to eliminate the smell from their sessions and reduce the harmful effects of the smoke to the people that might inhale them.

Equipped with a Four-stage HEPA Filter
Yocan has been in the industry for decades now and the company’s experience in producing quality vaping and smoking products were the result of combining various technologies from various industries. 

The Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter is also fitted with a replaceable filter, which means that you will no longer have to keep on buying the actual product when the filter inside is all dirty. Yocan is no stranger to creating things that are cross compatible or can be used with various components, which is why the company is not challenged at all to create a portable air filter that offers replaceable filters.

As you can see, the secret lies in the design of the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter. On the outside, it has a sold silicone body, which in this case, is designed as a Pinecone. The silicone case is soft enough that you can place the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter in your bag without it scratching and damaging other things you put in your sack. Likewise, the silicone case protects the filter inside, which contributes to the overall longevity of the filter.

The filter can easily be pulled out of the silicone case and can be replaced should it become too dirty — after all, it filters smoke and vapor.

This way, owners of the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter will not have to spend money every time the filter gets dirty. Instead of buying the whole thing, all one needs to do is get a replacement filter. This makes for a more affordable solution to keep your sessions (and your environment) clean.

Odor-free Sessions
The Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter is a great choice for consumers who want to enjoy odor-free sessions. While the majority of those looking to buy the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter will get it for the sake of the people surrounding them. There are those who will make that purchase mainly to ensure that they are not bothered by the odor of the smoke or vapor they put out.

Great for Discreet Sessions
For the times you really need to get that quick fix, discreetly consuming your favorite dry herbs and wax concentrates is the way to go. However, the odor from the smoke or vapor that you blow will definitely give you away even after it goes away.

So, the Yocan Green Pinecone comes as one of the best ways to eliminate the odor and discreetly smoke or vape when you’re out in public and even when you’re in a small confined place. Doing so will not only remove any unwanted odor from your sessions but will also keep the air clean for those sharing the room with you.

Another application of the Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter is that it can prevent your clothes from catching the smell of smoke. So, if you’re trying to be sly after taking a few puffs, you can be sure that the smell of smoke will not catch on your shirt or jeans.

This is a great solution for when you want to smoke or vape without the downsides of its odor.

Simple and Easy to Use
Eliminates Odor from Smoke and Vapor
Soft Silicone Case
Replaceable Filter Cart

What's in the Box
1 x Silicone Body Pinecone Design
1 x Biodegradable Filter

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