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RTL - Roach Clips King Palm Extendable Gold

RTL - Roach Clips King Palm Extendable Gold

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This is the all-gold edition of King Palm’s extendable smoke clip. Holding a blunt or joint will quickly leave a strong scent on your fingers that doesn’t come off easily. This smoke clip solves that problem, moving the smoke away from your hand. You can even enjoy a smoke from the comfort of your pool or hot tub. The strong claw clasp ensures your roll will stay put as long as you’re smoking. The King Palm Smoke Clip is a retractable wand that can extend to up to 1.5 feet in length. The Smoke Clip gives the next person a handle to grab when the roll gets short instead of trying to grab onto the filter.


Secure Hold on King Palms, Joints & Cigarillos
Elegant and Sophisticated Design
Extendable to a Maximum of 1.5 Feet
Ash Your Smoke Without Touching the Roll
Convenient Build Allows Smoking with Wet Hands
Odour-Free Fingers
Easy Passing

What's in the Box:

1x - King Palm Clips - Gold

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